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Thread: How rough is the RallyX course

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    Default How rough is the RallyX course

    at Pikes Peak International Raceway?

    I am on the verge of registering, got my helmet out and dusted off, I am just a little nervous/scared.

    My STi is my DD, and my baby. I am totally ok with beating on it, just a little scared of breaking it. My plans for it include a skidplate, but I wont be able to get it for a few months, and the rallyX is in like 15 days. Would you run this course with a bare belly?

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    Are you lowered? And where in Colorado are you? I might be able to help with a skid plate.
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    Im stock height. And I am right around i70 and kipling in Arvada.

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    you live right by my ex too bad i'm not with her i wanted a new person to snodrift with up there. anyways i don't think you have too much to worry about but a skid plate is always nice to have. i ran my lowered 9000 once last season and it didn't do bad but bottomed out a couple of times
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    I dunno man. Subarus develop new creaks and rattles as quick as hookers get STDs. If your STI is your DD/Baby, I would be leary.

    You aren't going to roll it or anything, but you will get dirt in every nook and cranny, and you WILL drive home with some new noises.

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    ^Noises add character
    If you're on stock suspension I wouldn't worry. If you got lowering springs I'd stay away. Dirt is a live element. It changes throughout the day. The truck school lot in Fountain is probably the best surface we have to rally on (it's hard packed, so no ruts form), CORE is pretty soft (course changes are necessary), and Pueblo is about the same as USTDS. I haven't ran at PPIR yet so I don't know, but I'd imagine it will be similar to CORE's surface. I can't tell you that you won't break anything, but if your car is in good running order, you should be fine. Mine's got 180K on the odo and I haven't really had any issues yet in the last year of "abuse" (knock on wood). Subarus are built to rally

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