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Thread: Lifting my 97 Impreza L

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    Exclamation Lifting my 97 Impreza L

    So ive been reading up on lifting gc8's with forester struts and so far for a running list of what ill need is:

    Front 04' Forester Struts
    Rear 04' Forester Struts
    97-99 outback trailing arm Brackets
    Rear 97-99 outback swaybar
    A new Front sway bar
    Rear Camber Bolts
    Body Spacers

    is there anything else ill need? And how much iwould this run me if i did want to lift with forester struts? Also wouldn't it just be easier to use some jackson rally 1'' spacers to get some lift?

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    I have the same question! Anyone have help or older thread link?

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    The reason nobody's rushing to answer this is because there's a huge amount of info already available... There's another recent (within the past couple months) thread that covers the spacer question, and there's an entire "Unofficial" thread dedicated to lifting (and it includes everything you could possibly need to know). As for cost... Only way to know is to price it out, as it depends on what's available in your area and whether you want new or used.
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