The following How To will help guide you through the install of the restrictor pill assembly and install. Note that if you are using a Manual/Electronic boost controller the pill is not needed. These parts are only available at the dealership and if you cannot use regular vacuum line, unless you can find the exact diameter and lengths of the hoses.
Cost: +/- $20

EJ257 VF39 and All VF series turbos (needs to be verified)

(Quantity) Type [Part Number]
(1) T fitting line with orifice (pill) [14447AA090]
If someone has a picture of this and can send it to me that would be great
This part come preassembled via the dealership. The restrictor pill goes on the nipple to the compressor housing. The other side of the T goes to the Wastegate. The longer line goes to the stock boost control solenoid.

EJ20x TD04 Turbo and verified TD05

(Quantity) / Type / [Part Number]
(4 minimum) Hose Clamps [805908070]
(1) 1.2mm orifice [22326KA120]
(1) Air Hose [807403060]
(1) Air Hose [09535A050]
(1) Air Hose [09535A100]
(1) Vacuum Hose Connector [22314AA330]
(1) Vacuum Hose Connector No 2 [22315AA010]

Things you need/Tools

All above Part Numbers
Vasaline or rectum lube
Small Paint Brush Handle

Pretty straight forward (use picture above). Not pictured is the direction the orifice/pill goes in the line. The orifice goes in the longest line (yes all the lines have different lengths) with the larger tapered end going towards the T fitting. Use a lubricant and small non metallic/sharp pointed rod such as a paint brush handle to feed the orifice into the longest hose. Make sure you only go about way up the hose with it. Use a sharpie or pen to mark the orifice and the direction it is facing.


Follow picture diagram above.

In car pics coming soon