We've had a few members ask if we were ever going to get different sized DI decals. Well, we got a larger version of our original sticker made. They measure approximately 1 1/4” tall by 17 1/2” wide which is bigger, but not gigantic. A long time ago, we had "competition" sized decals made, and they were about the same dimensions. Teams that wanted to support DI while competing in rally or rallycross would rock these.

On sale in the DI store for $5.50

(I know, we need to get some photos of these on a car for reference, but for now Abe Lincoln will need to do)

At the request of our members, we've created a larger version of our standard vinyl diecut. For the serious DI members who really want to show off their enthusiasm for our community these are excellent for cars to be noticed in competition, or on the street. This sticker is similar to the DirtyImpreza.com logo, except that the “dirty” portion is brown with a slight white border to ensure that it will be noticeable even on the darkest tinted windows. They measure approximately 1 1/4” tall by 17 1/2” wide. Safe for application on paint, plastic, or glass. Cut from high quality UV-resistant vinyl, these stickers are sure to last for a long time on your Subaru. (We will post pictures of these decals on a car as soon as we get some photos!)
Thanks for checking these out! If you have any questions at all post up!