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Thread: 2.2 engine and 2.5 trans will it work

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    Question 2.2 engine and 2.5 trans will it work

    I have a 1998 2.2 w/5MT the tranny is going out and I want to bump up to a 2.5rs same year 98 I just want to know if it will bolt up to a 22 and run off my computer I know that the 2.5 is a hydrolic clutch but I can get around that later

    I am trying to get an answer ASAP so I can buy the tranny before it's gone.

    I will eventually put the 2.5 block in there but I just want to replace my old tranny for now and lay the ground work for the engine swap.

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    I figured it out on my own

    And I got no reply all day so I will prob just delete this thread

    just to let any one lookin know the 2.5 trans bolts up and will plug and play on a 22 computer, but the final drive is a 411 so the rear end has to be changed. On manual 22's the FD will prob be a 390. Where as a 25'sFD will prob be 411 on a MT. So you will need a matching rear diff I believe that automatic 22's have a 411 but your best bet is a 25rs or 25I rear end.

    Also The clutch release is cable on a 22 and hydro on a 25 but can be swaped either way cable is easer but hydro will have more power to push the pressure plate and will self adjust. Cable is simple and some people prefer the feel of one vs the other. I beleave it would be best to use hydro if you upgrade the clutch kit but a stock 22 clutch will not need it.

    And on a 22 block there is no need to use a 25 clutch/flywheel. the 22 system seems to work best for most people though I did find that the starter motor mounts are different on a 25 trans but most have good things to say about using a 25i starter motor. by the way I am talking about the 2.5 5MT from a legacy or a 25 rs 91-01

    I believe that is it

    on the other hand if your just lookin for a cheap replacement trans stay with the 22 trans. if your lookin to go even cheaper I found forums on putting a 22 block and a 1.8 trans togather. just straight plug and play no need to Change the rear diff but it may not hold up under abuse. Works fine for daily driving though from what people say. If you go this route things may brake but from what people say it does work and has been done but no def word on how strong or week it is.

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    good info

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