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Thread: Official DI 100AW Photo Gallery

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    Default Official DI 100AW Photo Gallery

    Haugen Photography was again working on's behalf to get some great photos at this year's Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Come browse our 270 photos in this gallery! Some great hairpin shots, just about every car in the rally over the famous cattle guard jump on Ollie Coleman, and a whole bunch of others inbetween.

    Enter the gallery here:


    Holy Sh*t, Crazy Leo with 3 tires!

    This years runner up, David Higgins. Think any gravel spray got to the spectators?

    KB, Going big...

    Coming down hard.

    If Ken Block can do can we!

    Another GC airborne

    Night Stages

    See the rest of the photos here.

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    No pictures of the only car there that actually had a huge banner on it.

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    Absolutely superb set of photos. That first picture is classic!
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    I need a DSLR. I was a marshal and could have taken great pics. I had Leo's second puncture let go right in front of me on SS8 right before the water splash. Gravel spray and chewing on dirt was great.

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    Awesome pics the action shots look awesome.

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    im surprised with all the jump shots posted, the one of the prettiest GC rally car ever built who also happens to be a DI member was not posted


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    Great shots by Alex!!

    Carl got some huge air too.
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