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Thread: Warranty is almost over

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    Default Warranty is almost over

    Okay guys, my 2010 Impreza is about to hit 36k. Warranty is over then.

    What things should I have them check before the warranty expires. I've always thought it shifts funny, but that could be because ive never driven a subaru or a AWD car.

    Let me know what I should watch out for!!!

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    to be honest the only think i have claimed on warranty on my 2k10 is rust on my tailgate, but that is a 5 year warranty for rust.

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    Brakes..... I have a 2010 obs..... I took it in for a slight viberation in the brakes at just before 36 k, the replaced the pads all the way around, new roters in the front and turned the ones in the back ..... + a loaner car for 10 days( I had to go to work out of state) all for free ...... got my car back and they had messed something up the car was pulling right so we had to start the whole process over again...... turns out there was a huge problem with some seals and getting everything to sit right with the brakes.... the dealership says this is the fith or sixth impreza from this gen that has given them that problem.... something with the stock brakes once you take the whole thing apart somethign dosent fit like its supposed too....
    Regardless it was a pain in the ass.... i was in the dealer ship 3 times but by the end it would have cost me well over a thousand dollars to fix it all..... not including a free loaner for ten days...... didnt cost me a cent have them realllllly look at the brakes
    I live in the mountains.... and dont tell any one used to use my OBS as a first response car for the local ambulance.... needless to say the brakes were toasted by 36k but it was all take care of

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    Default Thanks for the reply

    Hey guys, thanks for the replys.

    I have the same problem with the breaks right now. So hopefully they take care of it.

    Thank you so much. Anyother problems that came up after 36, let me know

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